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# by riders for riders

Dedicated to supporting trail associations,
informal trail groups and bike parks.
We’re here to advocate for UK riders and their trails.

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There’s a lot of great momentum growing around mountain biking and trails at the moment, and it’s important riders, trail builders and trail stewards have a voice. Support with what you can, to make sure we collectively have a seat at the table where decisions are made

Manon Carpenter
Trail advocate and ambassador for Specialized Soil Searching and Patagonia

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The UK MTB Trail Alliance brings together over 100 of the UK's trail associations, informal trail groups and bike parks, to share knowledge and best practice and to give them a voice at a national level. We’re advocating for the UK’s riders and their trails, building relationships with national landowners, governing bodies and national governments, to foster a more progressive approach.


We’re aiming for a future with better and more sustainable trails - because the trails have the resources, volunteers, knowledge and permission to prosper. One where fewer unofficial trails are shut down - because we’re able to work with landowners to allay and mitigate their concerns, and help local communities take on their management.


We provide hands-on advice and support to our members and facilitate knowledge sharing through email newsletters, Zoom calls with guest speakers, regional gatherings, an annual summit and the Trail Hub (below). We’re building relationships with landowners like Forestry England & NRW, national governing bodies like British Cycling and Cycling UK, and national government departments.






of Trails


Man hours
each year


The UK MTB Trail Alliance is setting up as a registered charity, governed by a board of unpaid trustees from small informal trail groups to big commercial bike parks, established trail associations to small non-profit bike parks and community-run trails, and representative of the four nations of the UK:

Help us

If you’re interested in helping out in other ways, either at a national level with the UK MTB Trail Alliance, or with your local trails, please get in touch.

We’re volunteer-run, with no salaries. But this work costs money - there are membership fees for professional bodies, in order to lobby and influence decision makers, the admin costs of setting up and running a charity, and expenses to cover. We’re inviting all UK MTB riders who care about the future of their trails to invest what they can to make that future brighter - our GoFundMe campaign aims to raise £10,000 to help cover our year-one costs.

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